Kids & Teens Classes

Sewing Course (4 Weeks)

With Angela at The Sewing Club - for children!

(for adult courses see the children's section)


What can I make on the 4 week courses?

You can make anything you want and get the help you need with any project: there is no set curriculum.   Just let us know your ideas and we'll help you achieve them and realise your sewing potential!



Course 1:


16/07/21 - 06/08/21 


Course 2:


17/07/21 - 07/08/21 

Course 3:


17/07/21 - 07/08/21


Full info & other Sewing Club courses:

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Pip the Magic Clown

Sun 8th and Sun 29th August 11am - 1pm.
For booking: 0300 111 1913 - 



Cyanotype Workshop
Bayfest 2021

Wednesday 11th August 

11am-2pm (book a 30 minute time slot)

Book here:

Join Emily Parris from The Darkroom at Beach Creative for a fun, hands on cyanotype printing workshop!

What is a cyanotype?

The cyanotype printing technique is one of the earliest forms of photography, invented in 1842 by Sir John Herschel.

A cyanotype print is created by exposing UV senstive paper to UV light, which is found in the sunshine! First, objects are laid on top of the UV sensitive paper and exposed to UV light. Once the print has been exposed to the sunshine for enough time, the print is washed in water to fix the image to the page. The outcome is a striking blue & white silhouette image of the object you laid on top!

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is aimed at beginners, no previous experience is needed. The workshops are aimed at families as a Summer Holiday activity, but feel free to book if you are also a beginner.

Why is it free?

This workshop is funded by the 2021 Herne Bay Festival - please only book a space if you are able to turn up. If your circumstances change and you need to cancel your free time slot, please get in touch so we can make space for other people


Do I need to bring anything along?

Materials and equipment are provided for this session, however feel free to bring along a small selection of objects to use on your prints to make them personal to you. Here's some ideas of what to bring:





-small toys eg: lego, toy animals



Moo Mop Mouse Workshop

31 August : 11am - 1pm and 2-4pm


Create your own cheeky little Character based on you and meet some new friends.

In this workshop I'd very much like to give the children an opportunity to create their own characters based on them, introduce themselves to others, create a story board and most importantly have a natter whilst having some fun!



Children's book reading & activity!

Wednesday  21st August


An interactive storytelling of the picture book 'Busy, Buzzy Berty' - by Author and illustrator Katherine Turner!

This is a FREE Event, but booking is essential

book here

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Summer School (teens)

An art and design Summer School


The course is open to years 10-13 only. The course is FREE, funded by the University for the Creative Arts. Swift applications are advised.


It will take place from Monday 2nd August-Friday 20th August 10am-3:30pm and is currently open for applications.


The course will end with a celebration exhibition here at Beach Creative, of the student's work from 27th August-2nd September.

For further details and to take part in the course please contact Gill Wilson

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