Lumen Printing (in person!)

at: The Margate School, Margate
on:  31st July 11am-12pm
price pp: £30
Booking here 

In this workshop you will learn how to create photographic prints without the use of traditional darkroom chemicals. This workshop is an experimental experience and you are encouraged to attend with an open mind. T

his workshop is for adults and you do not need prior photography or printing experience.

What is a Lumen print?
A Lumen print is created by layering objects on light sensitive paper and exposing it to sunlight, resulting in ghostly prints with a magical glow.

What is a Chemigram?
A Chemigram is created in the same way, however by adding liquids or acids and resulting in a more exaggerated print. Workshop structure:
—Introduction to the origins and history of the two processes
—Learn about artists who have used the techniques
—Constructing and exposing your prints to sunlight
—Analyse prints, crit and questions

Materials provided: —5 sheets of Ilford Gelatin Paper (5x7 inches) —Plant matter & some objects to create prints —Information worksheet

Materials to bring:
—Any plants, flowers or interesting objects you might want to create prints with

About the Tutor:
Emily is a Fine Art Photographer based in Kent, who graduated from Kingston University in 2014 with a BA Hons in Fine Art Photography. Emily runs the darkroom at Beach Creative in Herne Bay where she also holds workshops for adults and children of all abilities

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