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A Swiftie Workshop for Work Experience

This week we have been joined by Fine Art and Media student Marnie from Herne Bay High School. For part of Marnie's work experience placement, we tasked her with planning/organising and running her own workshop!

After lots of discussion, Marnie decided to host her own 'Swiftie Friendship Bracelet Making Workshop', taking inspiration from her current interests and running with the hype of the ever popular Taylor Swift 'Eras' tour currently taking the UK (and world!) by storm. She decided that this should be a free workshop to make it accessible for everyone.

Promotional media created by Marnie

Marnie created her own posters using photoshop and made a promotional poster, then made some cheat sheets, with album/song/lyric ideas on them. The friendship bracelet making workshop took place on a Wednesday evening. It was targeted specifically to Taylor Swift fans, and other people who wanted to come and make bracelets.

The promotional poster used for the event

Taylor Swift has been in the industry for 18 years, she has, to this date, released 11 albums and 4 'Taylor's Version' albums - she has been reclaiming music that was stolen from her and this act of power resonates with her fan base.

Inspiration for the Workshop

Preparation included ordering materials - beads, letter beads and elastic thread and refreshments. The workshop was set up with a television screen playing Taylor Swift music videos and this created a lovely atmosphere, and everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves. 

Images from the Workshop

Taylor Swift's global fan base is so staggering that it impacts local economies through increased spending in the country she is touring in at the time.

Research published this week by analysts from Barclays pointed to the extraordinary spending surge that ensues when Swift touches down, and suggested she could bring a £1bn boost to the UK.

The turn out was really good, having had 11 people turn up (most of whom were from the Beach Creative Youth Board) which was more than expected - considering Marnie only had 2 days to organise and plan this workshop (when you would normally need at least a month!)

Overall it was a successful workshop and there will be future Swiftie workshops hosted by Ali from Beach Creative!!

This article was written by Marnie

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