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Beach Creative turns 12

Updated: Jul 5

Each year, the Beach Creative Birthday Exhibition celebrates the resilience, hard work and dedication of our volunteers, staff, directors and community as we push ever forwards to reach our goals.

And each year, we take a moment to reflect on all that we have achieved and just how far we have come, surrounded by all who helped make it happen!

Mandy Broughton, Gill Wilson, Mandy Troughton (left) and Sir Roger Gale (right)

The three original founders of Beach Creative, Mandy Broughton, Gill Wilson and Mandy Troughton had the honours of cutting our 12th Birthday cake as we toasted to the future. We were delighted to celebrate with so many of our loyal friends and supporters.

In our Duchamp and Marcel Galleries there is a showcase of work from all the artist founders and original members, tenants and directors who set up Beach Creative and have stayed supporting us on this journey. Including Daphne Bird, David Cross, David Lewis, Denise West, Gill Wilson, John Butterworth, Karen Simpson, Mandy Broughton, Mandy Troughton, Mike Harrison, Paul Mitchell, Robert Bradford and Veronica Tonge.

Full house! A celebration of Beach Creative and the community.

One of the artworks on show, 'Deckchair' by Karen Simpson, has been generously donated to Beach Creative to raise funds for our 'Raise the Roof' campaign. Visitors can buy a raffle ticket from the gallery which will then be drawn on the last day of the exhibition, Thursday 11th July at 1pm.

Woven from one continuous 40m length of high tensile cord and 560 plastic bottle tops all combed from the beach, this stand-out piece was created in 2011 to highlight the monumental impact of beach litter on our environment.

Raffle tickets are just £1 and any money raised will help towards our target fund of 40,000! You can read more about our campaign here

'Deckchair' by Karen Simpson

The Beach Creative 12th Birthday Exhibition will be running until Thursday 11 July, 16:00 - so there is still plenty of time to come and see what's on show! Expect lots of colour, vibrancy and an insight into the imaginations of some of Beach Creative's integral artists!

'Day of the Dead' by Denise West

Denise West (pictured above) first joined Beach Creative as an employee in 2012, she went on to take part in one of our first Cultural Ambassadors courses and now is a regular tutor on the course, joining Beach Creative as a Director last year.

Another Beach Creative Director featuring in the exhibition is Mike Harrison, a talented painter and tech wizard and one of our longest running artist studio residents.

EE EYE ADDIO, Acrylic on Canvas, by Mike Harrison (above)

You can't miss this next spectacular piece (pictured below) as you enter the gallery. Devoted Beach Creative Director and Original Founder Gill Wilson - reluctant to describe herself as an artist and more as a 'magpie', exhibits one of Henri Matisse's major works, and final self portrait 'La Tristesse Du Roi' on a panel from her garden fence. In part to 'democratise art and liberate it from the rarified and elitist status of the gallery space' and see how the art interacts with nature 'plants force their way through it.. insects use it as a playground..winds buffet it'..

La Tristesse Du Roi (1958) , On a Fence - Henri Matisse by Gill Wilson

Previously a Beach Creative Director, Veronica Tonge now plays a key part in the Beach Creation Exhibition Committee. 'Lost Doll Found' (pictured below) is inspired by the poem 'My Little Doll' by Charles Kingsley from The Water Babies 1862. The poem explores the paradox that our adult psychologies can uncritically recall our past histories and prevent us dealing with uncomfortable truths.

Lost Doll Found by Veronica Tonge , Mixed Media

David Cross has been involved with Beach Creative since it's inception, designing the installation of the galleries and curating the exhibitions within. David was one of the founders of the Duchamp festival and later joined the board, before taking over as chair. Despite stepping back as Director, David continues to be an integral support to Beach Creative with all exhibitions.

'That afternoon, Dolphins came', oil on canvas, by David Cross

'Herne Bay Clocktower' by Mandy Broughton (left) and 'Light Sculpture' by Mandy Troughton (right)

Mandy Broughton and Mandy Troughton (or Mandy B and Mandy T), alongside Gill Wilson, form the original trio of wonder-women who founded Beach Creative. It's safe to say nothing would have ever been possible without the passion, commitment and dedication of these three.

'Shoreline' by David Lewis (left) and 'Old Television' by Paul Mitchell (right)

We are also privileged to have work on show from Daphne Bird, previous Beach Creative Director and member of the Exhibitions Committee, David Lewis, previous Beach Creative Director and Treasurer and Paul Mitchell one of our original artist tenants and important member of the Beach Creative community. As well as John Butterworth and Robert Bradford, talented local artists and early supporters of Beach Creative.

Admiring 'Grey Ashes Winners' and 'Whitstable labour Club CC v Faversham ast Radfall' by John Butterworth

'Awash' by Robert Bradford

There is still plenty of time to catch these works on show at Beach Creative and enter our raffle for your chance to win a unique piece of art! The Beach Creative 12th Birthday Exhibition will be on show until Thursday 11th July, 4pm.

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