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Tesco Whitstable Community Champion showcasing Beach Creative

Thank you to the supportive Tesco Whitstable Community Champion for yet again giving us the opportunity to shout about Beach Creative!

We just loved the idea of transforming this retired shopping trolley bay into a mini gallery- we wanted to showcase all that we do and highlight all the fabulous events, exhibitions, workshops and projects that have taken place at Beach Creative as well as our plans for the future!

“Community Champions are a real contributing factor to success of the Tesco Community Grants programme. Their local knowledge, contacts and enthusiasm ensures funding goes to organisations that bring real support to the people and places that need it most. Together, we make a real difference to local communities up and down the UK.”

Sarah Reece-Mills, Director of Programmes and Partnerships at Groundwork UK

We hope that people who have not heard of Beach Creative will engage with the display and hopefully be inspired to find out more, we have so much to offer the local community and want to spread the word!!

Special thanks go to our Beach Creative Directors Mandy and Gill who work incredibly hard and everyone else who helped install the project.

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