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Beach Creative hits the jackpot!

Updated: Jun 21

New facilities made possible by The National Lottery Community Fund

The National Lottery Community Fund recently awarded over £15K to Beach Creative in Herne Bay for the refurbishment of their community toilet and kitchen facilities. The funding has been used to upgrade the whole area and to improve access for people with mobility problems.

Sparkling clean and spacious!

The newly refurbished area is more spacious, and clean. It’s functional, brighter and warmer. Herne Bay building company Rees Builders were contracted to undertake the work, and they have completely transformed the space. 

Adding the finishing touches before the new floor goes in..

‘The old toilet and kitchen were an embarrassment. It was probably the shabbiest area of the building, and very difficult to access. Over 12,000 people came through our doors last year and this will make a big difference to their experience. We are deeply grateful to the National Lottery Community Fund for making this happen.’ Director Gill Wilson

The old facilities, in need of some attention..

Work in progress..What a difference already!

This is part of a wider programme of improvement for Beach House, the first Gas showroom for Herne Bay when street lighting was introduced. Funding applications are currently in progress to install Solar Panels and a greener heating system, as well as expanding into currently unused loft areas. There are plans to create a professional creative studio for young people, so they can be taught the skills for creativity and business.

Beach Creative have launched Raise the Roof, a fundraising campaign to support these works. We are hoping to raise £40k in match funding for major refurbishment throughout the building.

Beach Creative took ownership of the building in 2023, after the Council landlord decided to sell it. A benefactor enabled this to happen through a long-term mortgage agreement, which keeps monthly costs manageable and contributes towards long-term sustainability.

You can donate further to our campaign here

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