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Exhibiting Artist Spotlight : Selma C Ben Ayed

Earlier in the week we spoke to artist Selma C Ben Ayed about her submission piece for our current open show: ‘April is the cruellest month’ and what she likes about open calls..

Can you tell us a bit about the artistic process behind your submission piece?

I created this piece using acrylic on canvas hardboard, often just mixing the paint straight onto the canvas with old dry hard brushes. I was inspired by the vivid imagery that T.S Eliot’s ‘The Waste Land’ evokes and the strangeness and weirdness of it - The themes of desolation, the absurdity of life and the sadness within it.

A painted image of a skull in the earth with vibrant green stems and red and blue flowers growing out of it

‘The corpse you planted last year in your garden, has it begun to sprout?’

Acrylic on canvas board © Selma C Ben Ayed

How would you describe your art work?

Much of my artwork is animation, using the technique of rotoscoping. I learned and developed this while studying for my illustration and animation degree - a course which Beach Creative and the Cultural Ambassadors course helped me gain access to.

I usually work with ink - dip pen and watercolours, pen and wash type of work, but for this exhibition I had a vivid picture in my mind which could only be executed by using acrylics for a stronger feel.

‘The Smoker'

Still from animation © Selma C Ben Ayed

What do you like about Open Calls?

I love open calls as they encourage me to keep creating as an artist, I enjoy the challenge of creating an artwork within the submission deadline and the opportunity to display work alongside other artists and to the public.

.. Just go for it! There is no need to worry that the work might not ‘fit’ in! Or not be good enough!

The Open call is a supportive opportunity to showcase many different and varied styles. I would most definitely and absolutely encourage anyone to just go for it! There is no need to worry that the work might not ‘fit’ in! Or not be good enough! And there is support for the practical elements of executing a show- such as hanging the work.

‘Family celebrations before Yesmine's wedding'

Animation © Selma C Ben Ayed


Many thanks to Selma for taking the time to talk to us and sharing her work, details on the next Beach Creative open call can be found here via our exhibitions page on the website - Link in bio /

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